College Library

There is a central Library attached to the College having an exhaustive collection of 26506 books , 700 Referance Books , 25 Journals , 1662 Journals Back Issues and 492 CD's and 302 thesis including some of the rarest books in Ayurveda. The Library is fully digitalised by the e-Granthalaya software provided by the NIC ,Malappuram. The Library has also attached Intranet facilities for the use of students and teaching faculties. Space is provided for the review of current National and International Journals. In addition to the Central Library, all the departments are provided with department libraries.

Book Bank Scheme has been implemented in the College Library exclusively for Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe students with the financial assistance from the Government of India, Ministry of Welfare. Almost all the fundamental books for the course have been provided in the book bank.

Reading and Reference Room
  1. The reading room shall be open on all working days from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  2. The latest number of each newspaper and magazines shall be laid on the table
  3. Loud reading and talking are strictly forbidden in the reading room
  4. Any loss or damage in the library will have to be paid by the person responsible for it
  5. The Librarian in charge of the library shall observe the Rules of College Library


Established an extensive digital library for students and teachers with 42 computers.


"Dr Prakash Mangalasseri Memorial Manuscript Repository and Research Centre" has been constituted for users.